Caribbean Life News: Panel gives business advice for Flatbush junction

Marketing experts and entrepreneurs got to chat to peers about business strategy and tips for small business owners and up-and-coming entrepreneurs at Brooklyn College on Oct. 27.

The Flatbush Junction Business Improvement District and Black Entrepreneurs Summit partnered for “The Many Faces of the Brooklyn Entreprene­ur,” a roundtable event to discuss and provide helpful advice for potential and current business owners. One presenter at the event said local shops, like mom and pop stores, have to make necessary business changes being located near the Flatbush junction, an area seeing major changes with the introduction of newer and bigger stores.

“When it comes to being successful in business, mindset, planning, and implementation are all equally important. First, a small business owner needs to realize owning and running a business is like running in a marathon and being on a roller coaster ride at the same time,” said Nicole McGarrell, a presenter at the event and founder of Sunny Day Marketing.

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